'His face shone like the sun' (Lk. 17:2)
About the Turin Shroud Medallion:

It would appear that Jesus himself was the founder of this devotion. Following on the constant prayer of the old Testament asking Yahweh to show his face to his people, or to hide their sins from his face. God responded through the mystery of the Incarnation. St. John says:

'The word was made flesh, he lived among us we saw his glory the glory that is his as the only son of God'.

And St. Paul says: 

'We with unveiled faces gazing on the Lord's glory are being transformed from glory to glory into his very image by the Lord who is the Spirit.' (2 Cor. 3: 5-1 18).

This transfiguration of the face of Jesus on which we are invited to reflect, is our calling. Jesus, through the holy Shroud and Veronica's veil, which, by his divine providence has been kept protected down to our time, are intended to draw us to contemplate with devotion, his passionate love for us.

Magnet of souls,
most Holy Face draws us to Thee by Thy sweet grace,
That all we may think and do and say
may be for Thee alone this day;
And by Thy bountious power and grace
work wonders in us most Holy Face.

The Sudarium is the face-cloth which wrapped the face of Jesus while the body was anoited with oils and spices. The existance of th e Sudarium in Obiedo, Spain, and its history from apostolictimes is indisputable. It has the marks on the front and back of the head which match those on the Shroud of Turin.

Scientists and forensic specialists in 1990 found that the lymph and bloodstains matched those found on the Shroud of Turin proving that the Sudarium authenticates the Shroud of Turin.

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